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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 31, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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that was pathetic. >> all right. thank you for being with us on "morning joe." chuck taught and "the daily rundown" is next. mika is not allowed to interview dick cheney tomorrow. has the mitt romney campaign hit the panic button? they say no. and what could be the new reality is chasing perry. irene has become yet another multibillion, with a "b." and the coffers are running low. a look at the early voting tallies under way in nevada's second district and the big national money pouring in, it's
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a race happening in two weeks and we'll break down the odds today. it's the last day of august, august 31st, 2011. let's get to the first reads of the morning. we will start with the newest battleground in washington's budget war. hurricane irene is likely to be one of the ten most expensive disasters in the nation's history. fema, though, is running out of money. there is a temporary halt from long-term building projects, and in one week virginia was hit by an earthquake and hurricane. >> those monies are not unlimit unlimited. what we said, we offset that which has already been funded. just like any family would
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operate when struck with disaster. it finds the money it needs to to take care of a loved one and then puts on hold buying a new car or anything else. >> and we asked what the message congress should be hearing? >> this is a question that is best left to the appropriators, and to those that deal with these issues. in this country, americans have always come to the aid of other americans in a crisis and disaster. that's our job. that's what we do. that's who we are. fema is doing its job. >> fema politics. be very careful, politicians, playing politics with fema. it's a tough thing to do. you understand why eric cantor said what he said, he doesn't want to be a hypocrite, and that
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said, do house republicans want to pick a fight with say, new jersey governor chris christie. and that's something to watch for in the next couple of weeks. for months mitt romney straty has been a noun, a verb, and obama made the economy worst. in the speech yesterday romney made a not-so-veiled swipe. >> now, i am a conservative businessman. i spent most of my life outside politics dealing with real problems in the real economy. career politicians got us into this mess, and they simply don't know how to get us out. >> starting to wonder if he is going to ask us not to call him governor romney anymore. and he is changing his labor day
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schedule. demint supported romney. conservative businessman, i have been in the private sector. it is subtle and has been building for weeks but now you see the shift. the romney campaign said we will engage more as the race heats up, but he cannot let perry go out there on his own, and that's what will happen in the demint form. he was seeding south carolina, and seeding jim demint who was gettable. strategically they decided that was not something they would do. sarah palin, is not only headed to iowa but to the primary state on monday. the last time she was in the granite state was in june. she stepped on romney's new
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hampshire debut. romney appears at the tea party event the night before. and then there's the on again off again mess in iowa where palin will appear on a tea party rally on saturday. and senate candidate, o'donnell was invited to speak with palin, and then the invitation was withdrawn. and then she tweeted this. i am told things changed on their end and i will not be speaking but now organizers say she will be speaking, and o'donnell tweeted that she was re-invited and re-accepted. let's move on to the disaster recovery efforts in vermont and new jersey. massive floodwaters are still innodating parts, even as waters
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recede. >> reporter: we're 1,000 feet above the city of patterson, new jersey, where the passaic river is supposed to run under the bridges here. instead today in some cases it's running through the bridges. areas of this city are absolutely swamped. we have seen playgrounds, neighborhoods, school buses, vans, cars, businesses all swamped by these floodwaters. why has this happened? >> the passaic river drains most of new jersey, and new jersey had seen his wettist august in history before irene came, and then you add the inches of rain irene dumped on the area and it was just too much, and the ground was saturated, and the rivers were swollen and now there's water in places where water should not be. there is a city of 150,000
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people because of the spreading floodwaters. authorities evacuated 1,000 people and no word on when they will be allowed to go back home. i am ann thompson. and then crews are in the verge of re-establishing communities. trucks and helicopters are being used to get the aid to the states' hardest hit areas. amy robach is in vermont. >> reporter: they are dirt paths that have been built-up over the past 24 hours. remarkable work has been done here in this area. this is one of three roads that leads up to killington. you may know that name because it's a popular ski resort and a popular summer getaway, and when the road washed out like it did, you can see it was a babbling
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brook. it came up and swept out the road and cut off some of the communities on the mountain. it was a traumatic thing for many people getting stuck up there. over the last 24 hours they have built-up a part of the road that was gone, completely gone, so they can get this convoy of emergency workers up this mountain, get the folks water, food, diapers. there was word that they were running low on everything, including gas and fuel. the good news is they did the same work on the roads on the other side of the mountain, and they in the past hour led a single file convoy get down with police assistance. things will start to move here, but it will be a while before things are back to normal, chuck. >> amy, thank you very much. investors will try to make it three in a row after back to back good days on wall street. yesterday, what a weird day.
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down all day and then all of a sudden popped at the end. what did it? >> yesterday what we saw happen was there was one line in the fed minutes that was released that made traders and market watchers alike that made it possible that a qe 3, it could be a possibility. we went higher on hope. right now futures are indicating a higher open today. that's after we saw the modest gains yesterday. it's the last trading day of the month of august, and it's been a beautiful month despite the gains in the last three sessions. we'll see if we can eek out gains to ease the pain. we got three employment reports this morning. we saw the private sector add 91,000 jobs for the month of august.
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it's two straight months of slowing job growth. it shows slow growth, but lower than the 100,000 the economists were hoping for. not super hopeful, but still an addition is an addition, and right now it looks like we will have a higher open. >> we'll see. courtney, thank you very much. compromise. it's a word we have not heard associated with congress in a long time. will the super committee become super congressional heroes? up next, the lessons learned from the debt debate, and how the triggers could add up to trillions in deficit cuts. and rick perry's campaign secrets. the tactics fly in the face of conventional wisdom, but they compelled him to victory before. could it happen again? a look at the president's schedule. an event to talk about bills that he wants to see passed that are likely already likely to be passed in the next couple weeks.
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you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc.
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well, that congressional budget super committee is finally getting to work three weeks after the committee was named. ken strictland is the congressional reporter, and felicia writes the blog. let me ask you what happened yesterday. yesterday felt republic
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relations. >> yeah, they held a meeting, and this was the first meeting either side has been holding as the committee is beginning its work. right now we are seeing both parties huddling together and figuring out their game plan. i think one of the things that was -- a good thing that came out of yesterday was there was not any kind of grandstanding yesterday weekend. so as far as the first meeting goes, that's a step in the right direction. >> the briefing that staffers did unofficially with some of the reporters, it seems as if they wanted to send the message -- we wanted to remind ourselves what were the areas of common ground we had before. it's as if we said we got the message and we know the debt ceiling debate was a debacle. >> everybody has to approach
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this in a very serious manner. unlike other commissions, if they don't do something, there's a trigger. if congress fails to act, if these folks cannot get a majority of people to agree and send a bill to congress, there will be across the board cuts in defense and nondefense whether or not they come together and get something to the floor. >> what i found fascinating, felicia, was they made sure we all found out, they looked over the simpson bowls plan, and they looked over what republicans dismissed a long time ago saying we are keeping an open mind here. >> this is the fourth bipartisan group that has been put together in an attempt to tackle the debt over the last year. those previous attempts were not successful, and so going back and looking at the plans is not the most heartening thing about it, but it's worth noting this group does face a trigger and the possibility of the across the board cuts, but it's not an
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either or scenario. if they could not come up with the $1.5 trillion savings over the next decade, the remainder will be subject to the across the board cut. >> what is the purpose of a commission sometimes is you are trying to take the politics out of the situation, and of course that leads to the question that we all in washington want to know, what are the special interests trying to do? there are giant special interests here, particularly the defense industry that wants to have influence. we would see a lot of lobbying campaigns going on. >> one of the things that i think is very telling is what felicia talked about yesterday, are they going to be able to talk after every single meeting. when the big deals in congress get done, they get done behind closed doors.
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they have to basically find a way to shield themselves away from that. when they made the budget deal in 1990-'91, when bush said no more taxes, and they tried to saw quester themselves to find out how they can reach common ground. if you don't see leaks leaking out about we're trying this or that, and that's how there is trouble, there was a leak and people would jump on it and attack it, and this sounds crazy to say about members of congress, if they can build trust in each other and be respectful of the process, i think they can get somewhere. >> look at the people on the list. and i say who do you expect to be talkers. pat toomey is a talker. and portman and kyl like to
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operate behind the scenes. upton, likes to enjoy talking. camp got in trouble for talking too much. and we know john kerry is a talker and enjoyed talking. and van hallen is a face on television. but patty murray, doesn't like to be up front. >> that was interesting. she has been in congress for several terms and took the job of the democratic -- >> it's not a coveted spot, not this cycle. >> and she gets handed a chairmanship of the committee, and i think a lot will depend on her leadership and her political future will depend on whether or not the committee is able to come to some kind of an agreement. >> got to leave it there. ken, it's nice to have you back,
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buddy. we need to have you on more, felicia. thank you. and we'll go to perry's war room. never lost an election. now his campaign strategy is being compared to obama's 2008 campaign. the first correct answer, that is at least printable. [ male announcer ] school art supplies, black pants,
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the last two weekends-weeks, perry is in favor of a more personal approach. not surprising on one hand he
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just got in the race, but it's a strategy he tested out in texas where his top adviser tapped a team of political scientists of what makes voters particular. and there was a headline earlier this week that cedrsaid rick pe is dumb, and now we're getting that confusion from viewers. walk me through what it is that the chief strategist of the presidential campaign has been doing for the last six years. >> well, he has been around politics for 25 years and slowly developed a skepticism. and they are sending the candidate around the state.
9:25 am
when he learned there were academi academi academics, he said finally we have a tool to measure the stuff. he invited the guys in the war room for the 2006 campaign. >> that was what turned out to be the crazy four-way race, and you had a democratic nominee. it was a race in where one where romney at the beginning of the campaign season thought he could lose. >> before the primaries they brought the four guys in and said anything in the campaign budget that you can set up an experiment around go ahead and do it. they did it with phones and mail, and this is what we see in personal, the aggressive in person schedule, and over the
9:26 am
course of three weeks in january of 2006, they randomize his tv ads. >> what they found out was personal appearance much more impactful in a local market than doing a satellite tv interview, and in texas that's a huge thing to do, than just running tv ads. >> people around campaigns will say, and have said it for years, the most valuable asset is the campaign's time. >> and what do you use it for. >> yeah, and what could you make if that person sat in a call room and called rich people or went to do an event. nobody really knew in terms of how you spend that candidate's time what the most profitable thing to do with it. sure, put him in a satellite studio in austin, and what they
9:27 am
found was take that afternoon and send him to abilene or somewhere if you want to make the impact there, and you will have a deep impact in that local market that is better than disbursing this marginal stuff. >> i feel we have seen presidents learn this. president clinton used to do satellite interviews, and now they invite the local anchor to the white house for an interview, and they find they get a better bang for that. >> and the tv coverage and the local tv news, just they were getting more generous coverage when they were in a place than relying on the austin bureau to rely on the race. >> where can you download it from? >> amazon, barnes & noble, and itunes. >> i will take a look at it. the big book comes out -- >> next fall. up next, betting on the
9:28 am
house. it's nevada special election time. the first one they ever held, believe it or not, for a congressional race. my man, john ralston, got up early to tell me where to wager and whether the special election in nevada 2 will end something. after being arrested yesterday, daryl hannah will be live with chris jansing summing up at 10:00. and then the republican debate at the reagan library one week away, and it's right here on msnbc, the place for politics. [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. great! did i mention no hands in the bundler?
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janet napolitano will visit new jersey to see the aftermath of hurricane irene. we're looking at live pictures in the three year investigation that shows $60 billion have been lost to waste and fraud in the last ten years. the opening bell has just young on wall street. investors hope the jobs reports released this morning from challenger and adp will send markets higher today although they are modest job gains. the 9/11 commission report say there are gaps in the ability to prevent terrorists attacks. the u.s. falls short of 9 of 61. tsa gets a thumbed up.
9:33 am
and then bo and then part of a push for job creation, the president will begin the start of next month. they are calling on congress to pass something before the current transportation bill expires in september. by the way the bills are due for a vote next month. a wildfire in oklahoma city drove hundreds of their homes and even forcing horse and cattle owners to release their livestock. and then a fire near ft. worth texas cut off roads and forced many to evacuate by boat. they are in the middle of the worst drought on record. and the open seat in nevada's seat looks to be in play. marshal was out fund-raising the republican. and american crossroads, and
9:34 am
almost $800,000 of conservative spending power, and the result, early began on saturday and the race is quickly shaping up to be a pretty easy republican victory. so it would seem. john ralston is the host for "face-to-face," and a columnists for "the sun." is this race already over before it started when you look at the early vote numbers? >> the early voting numbers, chuck, are very ominous for kate marshal. and it encompasses half the district. it's a split county. democrats and republicans are even in registration. so far the republicans have a 51-35% lead, something in that neighborhood. and that is very, very bad news for marshal. she needed a huge democratic
9:35 am
surge to offset certain carnage in rural nevada and that does not seem to be happening, and i do not see how she can pull it out. >> got the impression that the democrats did want to play in this race, and all we're seeing and i want to throw up a couple of the tv ads, and here are a couple of them. >> with nevada families hurting, what does state treasurer, kate marshal have to say. >> i am in charge of your money. you have less money today than yesterday. >> she is investing with a failed wall street bank. and kate marshal increased spending more than $1 million. >> while kate marshall and her friends supported cuts to medicare, you should know i will work to support and improve the program. >> you better, because i am counting on you.
9:36 am
>> only a mother could defend what mark amodei has done. >> where are the national democratic groups? >> i think they have given up, chuck. the triple c has said they are tracking the race, and you know bet yaur than i do what that means, if you are tracking but not getting involved you will watch your candidate go down in flames. you mentioned about the spending by the rcc, and it will get close to $1 million by the time it's over. the nrcc ads that they have run are utter nonsense, and they make it sound like kate marshall is responsible for the state problems, and she essentially put out the statements saying she is done a great job for the economy. it's hard to attack somebody like a state treasurer. they don't do much and don't have a record like a congressman or governor or county
9:37 am
commissioner. you have to exaggerate their responsibility. unfortunately she played into her hands with a couple sound bites saying i steered the economy through the tough times. guess what? econo economy, nevada has the worst economy in the nation, chuck. >> and in the special election in upstate new york was all about medicare and democrats used it to win a republican-leaning district that they did not think they could have won, say, six months earlier, so the republicans assume democrats will use the same play book, and amadei was using the same play book and it didn't come to pass. >> any other district, perhaps, chuck, he would have been in real trouble because the early statements about the ryan budget were that he wanted to cozy up
9:38 am
to ryan, and he thought he said, quote, excellent things about medicare, and then seeing what the democrats were doing, and suddenly he said a couple weeks ago i would have voted against the budget, which came out of the blue. you can imagine what kind of ad you can do with something like that. where is the dccc with that ad, chuck? >> let's talk about nevada. is it a swing state in 2012? the reason i ask that, if harry reid could survive, he was running against the worse third nominee, and if he win in 2010 vote, that says something about barack obama's chances, right? >> democrats have had a tough time here for many, many years since lyndon johnson. and obama won by 12 points in
9:39 am
2008. it's because of the democratic machine that harry reid won. that's why burkeman has a chance against helman. but we do consider angle the number one ranked nominee. don't take that dau strictiistiy from us. >> always good to see you. and if you are out in nevada, always watch him. up next, the hump day panel joins us. why is mitt romney shifting gears and shifting his schedule? plus, why rick perry may have to face-off against an old political ghost. and it's roasted red pepper and tomato soup day. you're watching "the daily rundown" here on msnbc. [ male announcer ] the network --
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well, looking for kinks in rick perry's armor, and some are trying a new strategy. attack him from the right. and there was a letter praising the clinton health care idea as most commendable. on the trail in pennsylvania, rick santorum slammed perry for a mandate that texas girls receive a vaccine for the hpv evacuate 18. that's the heavy hand of government and something i would expect from barack obama. well, susan page is borough chief for "usa today," and tucker is a pulitzer prize-winning syndicated
9:44 am
columnist. now perry went on hannity's show to defend himself from the letter. >> if you will read the letter, it was straight out. i was the agriculture commission at that point in time and representing the agriculture rural interests in texas. i had no idea that that was going to be the end product. what i thought they were truly going to work towards was to reform health care and, you know, we had no idea. now we have obamacare. >> attacking rick perry from the right, though. there's really, you know, two challenges here, michele bachmann and mitt romney that might have dropped something like this, and mitt romney's campaign is ran by a research guy. so i have my suspicions. attacking him from the right is that something that can be done? >> i don't think so. rick perry has a pretty strong conservative record, and he also
9:45 am
has the kind of combative personality that enables him to push back in a way of mitt romney has trouble when he gets attacked from the right. >> it seems, michael, the one thing you will not be able to do with rick perry, it will take a while, is paint him as inauthentic? >> that's right. but it's also true that his most recent book "fed up", the anti-federal government is the recent rick perry. there's a shift and more broadly people don't know who he is. i was with a democrat a few days ago, and he did this when describing that. and perry is going to have to withstand this stuff, and it's possible over time people think maybe he's not the savour that
9:46 am
we thought he was. >> and then he's really a guy we can do business with, that could end up helping him get through the one hurdle he will have in the primary, which is proving he's electable in the general election. >> that depends what they are criticizing him about. that all depends on how he does in the debates, chuck. whether he can prove himself as a guy who doesn't seem an extremist, and is not a theocontract, and that's one of the most frightening things for rick perry and the establishment, and whether or not he can stand up to that kind of attack, and i think another interesting place where he will be attacked from the right is on immigration. he has an interesting record --
9:47 am
>> that's what most border states do. >> yeah, he endorsed allowing illegal immigrants to pay instate tuition in texas. now, many moderates and democrats think that's a smart thing to do, but among republican base, that's -- >> you brought that up, and i have heard that there's hints that the romney campaign are interested in that. >> george bush did as well. >> what has been interesting is watching mitt romney, and he is shifting gears. they were saying they were always going to shift gears at some point, and it seems early, but it's interesting, john ellis, a member of the bush family, he wrote this. he said romney's problem is fourfold. he is from the wrong region of the country, and he's of the wrong religion, and too closely identified.
9:48 am
>> are you best off nominating a southern conservative who is good with the tea party. >> no. you are better off cutting into barack obama's standing with independents. there's open running ground but not for a candidate that is toast to the republican baseline. >> this week, i noticed that nobody is obama land is cheer leading perry anymore. they are saying careful what you wish for. >> what romney's message has been from the beginning of the year is rick perry -- i am the electable one and can take on barack obama, and if head to head polls begin to show perry ahead of romney, or if he is
9:49 am
electable, i don't know about that. >> that didn't happen again until a woman named fanny fox showed up. you are watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at in money-saving coupons a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we catitch" toer a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor!
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let's bring back our panel, susan page, michael and cynthia. all right, president obama, the west wing, they are gearing up for the launch of their job. we'll get nuggets today from the president when he does his presentation. i want to play a little byte. the president did an interview and gave a preview of what the fight could be like in two and a half months. now, these folks so far have not been very responsive to public
9:53 am
opinion and -- which is why they are very unpopular right now. congress needs to act. if congress doesn't act, then i'm going to be going on the road, talking to folks. this next election very well may be a referendum on, you know, whose vision of america is better. >> cynthia tucker, is next week's jobs unveiling? is this a one day speech or the beginning of the re-election campaign? >> this is the campaign. the interesting thing about his appearance on tom joiner is the president finally noticed that his poll numbers are dropping just a little bit, even among african-americans. the congressional black caucus has been unhappy with him for some time. >> it's a split between the opinion leaders and the
9:54 am
african-americans. >> the ranking file has been sticking with him even though african-americans have been slammed by the recession that's supposedly over. the african-american jobless rate is twice as high as the national average. the president paid that no attention as long as he thought his african-american base was with him. now he's worried about the enthusiasm gap. >> numbers are there. >> exactly. he needs that surge from his base to come out for him in 2012. >> what is the tone, michael, that we think we're going to see and hear from the president? >> it's going to be more aggressive, not balance and compromi compromise. >> it didn't help his poll numbers. they thought it would. >> they say it set the stage for what is coming now. he's going to have to start fighting against congress. he's going to have to name names and say these are the things they are doing to hurt you. he has two things to get done by the next election, get the
9:55 am
economy moving in the right direction in a noticeable way, which isn't happening now. make a clear choice that makes it majority of the american people think a republican in the white house will make things worse. >> what republican congress comes back? is it one that's worried about losing the majority and say we may have to pass some of these things because a lot of the business leaders will take it. >> it's going to be a combative republican congress. the debt deal did not do him any good. it hurt him. that strategy is not working. what we heard in that clip is a desire not to pass something, but make a point. >> follow me on twitter. >> c tucker prof. i will follow in a second. >> i have a segment in time magazine, a tease on a blog about a secret retreat the obama
9:56 am
team had in june. >> led by bill dailey to talk history and how they can win the election. >> dig in the swampland. >> my plug for monica brown. she's an army vet. dick cheney talks about presenting that silver star from her and pulled from that unit because women are not allowed in combat units. dick cheney saying he's changed his mind. >> how about that. >> what about lesbians? >> cynthia, we have no more time. i'm getting the wrap sign. we don't want to talk about it. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." see you on youtube in a second. we'll be back here at 9:00 a.m. nx, chris jansing is going to talk to actress darryl hannah
9:57 am
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